Branded content marketing and interactive tools for a global leisure brand.

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Average 500,000 views and 10,000 shares per original video / animation


We never get a brief from PP - they just ask us if we have any ideas for engaging, shareable and unique content around sporting events, from the Grand National to the World Cup.

We then look at the event, the audience, the media channels / social networks and develop ideas for content that will reach an and engage their audiences.

We script, storyboard and animate content for social media, and we design and build apps and event websites.

Premier League Ordinary AllStars

During the transfer window the mainstream media goes into hyperbole overdrive about the about huge transfer fees being touted for players nobody has ever heard of.

To highlight the stupidity of this we developed a series of videos featuring established Premier League players who would represent the most underwhelming transfer of the window to any club.

These performed at about half a million shares per video.

UEFA Euros 2016 Ordinary AllStars

Give that four Home Nations are represented at the UEFA European Championships this summer we are creating videos around the more obscure fixtures where there will be less interest - head-to-head contests based on national stereotypes, football history, and eurovision song entries.

About Paddy Power

Paddy Power is Europe’s largest bookmaker, famed for its irreverent and mischievous branding, and for its controversial approach to offering odds on unusual events and outcomes, not just sports.