Building a social media engagement programme through content marketing.

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Over 7,000 user-generated images uploaded to #lovenoodles app.

18% growth in cross-platform followers.

Spreading the word and telling the story through content.

Wagamama’s social media strategy was disjointed and fragmented and unrelated to their core brand values.

We created a program of social media content which was relevant to the brand, and which could be monitored and reviewed in real time to identify the subjects and media types that resonated most with the brand’s audiences. 

From this insight we were able to develop new content knowing that it would gain traction amongst customers, and so grow the engaged follower base.

We created content around the following themes: Japanese Culture Exploring dates relevant to the Japanese calendar, along with cultural differences and habits in relation to food.

  • wagamama Tunes | Finding out what people listen to on their way to wagamama and combining this experience with the launch of a wagamama spotify playlist.
  • Food Boost | Highlighting different foods from the wagamama menu for seasonal and long term their health benefits - especially in fighting off winter colds etc.
  • Food Fight Friday | Using a knockout tournament to decide once and for all what is the favourite wagamama dish. 
  • Food Love Friday | Changing-up Food Fight Friday to Food Love Friday. One main course is suggested, along with two potential perfect partners and diners vote for their favourite on Facebook.



Part of the strategy was to use competitions to draw new followers in.

Our Love Noodles competition asked diners to take a photo of their noodle dish and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram win a trip to Japan with a hashtag #wagamamanoodles.

In one month, over 7,000 diners became new followers.


About Wagamama

£200m private equity owned restaurant chain with more than 140 restaurants worldwide. 

Working alongside event branding agency Amplify to build out the brand's social media engagement strategy.